4 comments on “Eileen Wants You! (for musical advice)

  1. You have to have a little Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra in keeping with our cultural heritage. Some of my young’uns actually like them!

    You need to enlist the aid of your nephews and niece…except, she’s going to suggest the Beiber-ster.

    Oh…and there’s that Taylor person too…just sayin’.

  2. Oh, I’ll definitely have some Frank ad Dean-o!

    I was planning on bringing my laptop to your place next week when we go dress shopping. I’ll definitely be asking the kids for their advice. Justin Beiber, huh? I think the Dude may put his foot down on that one. LOL

    Oh, BTW, I’ve got some Taylor in the mix. No worries!

  3. First and foremost – NO COUNTRY/WESTERN!!! This is no more negotiable than the (very) short-lived “tux debate”. Georgie boy will just have to wait his turn in the rotation on your train ride to work. And no rap, either.

    Anything else I can do to help, Sweetie?

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